Hygiene and prevention

Professional oral hygiene is a complex of activities conducted by a hygienist, which is aimed at the mechanical removal of dental deposits from the surface of the teeth and from under the gums. This includes professional cleaning of teeth by ultrasound from tartar, removal of plaque by Air Flow, polishing of the tooth surface with special tools, as well as professional fluoridation of teeth.

The frequency of brushing teeth, whitening them and other procedures for professional oral hygiene is determined by the hygienist individually for each patient. Most people are recommended to conduct professional oral hygiene 1 - 2 times a year. Moreover, the professional hygiene course includes the training of hygiene rules, and the selection of individual tools that are optimal for each patient.


Complex cleaning  950  ₴
Professional cleaning, polishing
 500  ₴
Whitening with cold light  3000 ₴
Intrachannel whitening (1 session) 300  ₴