Today, in the world of civilization and technological heyday, the most modern and effective methods of dental caries treatment are known. As dentists point out, caries can be cured observing competent approach and individual characteristic of each patient. For example, there is significant difference between caries treatment of milk-teeth and permanent teeth. Also, during the treatment, the doctor should take into account the type of caries – superficial or deep.

Treatment of superficial caries proceeds more easily with minimal destruction of tooth enamel, but in the treatment of deep caries it is necessary to take into account possible complications of carious process itself. Two types of caries treatment are known: conservative and treatment by hard tissue preparation. Conservative treatment is performed without using of all-known dental drill and is most often used in children dentistry.

When treating permanent teeth, the doctor examines the affected areas of the tooth in the carious cavity, then treats with special antiseptic solutions, and then proceeds to fill the cavity. After the tooth is sealed, the seal would be filed, taking into account the bite of the patient.


Photopolymer filling  from 1400  ₴
Glass-ionomer filling  from 1200  ₴
Aesthetic restoration  from 2500  ₴