Surgical dentistry in its practice includes the extraction of teeth. In cases where the treatment is ineffective and the extraction of the tooth is inevitable, the dentist-surgeon will professionally, quickly and without pain remove the necessary tooth. It is also possible to remove wisdom teeth that have grown up incorrectly and interfere. When a professional dental surgeon is involved in the removal of the tooth, the occurrence of all sorts of complications is minimized. Also, surgeons make the removal of cysts located on the top of the root of the tooth.

In addition, every specialist in surgical dentistry, before removing the tooth, will consult the patient on the account of prosthetics or implantation in place of the missing tooth.

 200 ₴
Single-root tooth extractionни                             500 ₴
Removing the three-rooted tooth  700 ₴
Atypical Removal 1500-3000 ₴