Orthodontics is a section of dentistry that deals with the study of etiology, diagnosis, methods of prevention and treatment of dental-maxillary anomalies. The primary object of interventions in orthodontics is the chewing and speech apparatus of children and adolescents. Orthodontics is the designer of your bite, the practical model of an ideal healthy state, at which the physiological balance of the norm is achieved (the theses of Reiter D.V.).

However, it should be noted that in children the field of activity of orthodontology extends beyond the facial skeleton and directly into the oral cavity. The subject of examination of orthodontics are violations that occur during the formation of the chewing and speech apparatus. Orthodontics does not deal with deformities, that is, injuries resulting from trauma or illness, correcting only developmental anomalies, for example, genetically caused defects. Correction of deformations is performed by orthopedic dentistry.

Adult orthodontics deals with deformities resulting from loss of teeth, age changes and periodontal diseases. Modern dentistry often can not provide qualified assistance without orthodontic training.


Metal bracket system (per 1 jaw)  7000 ₴
Ceramic braces system  10000 ₴
Removable orthodontic apparatus (plate)
 2700-4000 ₴
Planned orthodontics
300 ₴